Commissions: Essays with Department Store for the Mind


(ISBN 978-1-912023-66-0)

Publication Day: 4th October 2018

Can four-legged friends really help with our mental health? Is it just companionship or is there more to it?

I contributed the first and final chapters to this essay compilation about how fur, scales and feathers can make life worth living.

In Chapter 1: Four Legged Therapy I write about how domestic animals can provide the perfect conditions for a therapeutic relationship, and about the relationship I enjoy with my collie. In Chapter 10: Getting Hooked I write about how pets can save lives, in the context of my own mental health experiences.

Four Legged Therapy is a beautifully designed and illustrated gift-book of ten essays by six writers. It is part of a collection by Department Store for the Mind, published in connection with Aster Books and Octopus.